Guidance International Junior School


Leadership Programme at Kalpitiya.


Galle Fort , Roomassala , Tea Factory, Trail in Singharaja Forest.

Grade 3 & 4 children proceeded is Galle on 5th July 2016 on the express way. We arrived in Galle Fort. Children had a walk on the Ramparts and saw the beach area and the ships that were for away. Then they proceeded to see Roomassala mountain, with a special natural vegetation having the scenic beauty. From Roomassala it was a journey to Yakkalamulla where we had lunch in hotel with exciting ambience . After lunch it was a factory visit to a Tea Factory. At dusk children got a chance of going through a forest trail of about 1.5 km boarding Sinhajara Forest. Then we came back to Kesbewa. Children were really tired but the enjoyment nullified the fatigue.

Galle Fort , Martin Wickramasighe Museum ,Koggala

Grade 2 children proceeded to Galle on 4th July 2016 on the express way. We arrived in Galle Fort. Children had a walk on the Ramparts and saw the beach area and the ships that were far away. Then proceeded to Koggala to see Mr. Martin Wickramasinghe Birth place and the museum depicting the culture existed in that era. Explanations about each location were given by the teachers and the principal. We came back for lunch to a hotel in fort . In the evening children came back in the express way to Kesbewa.

Trip to Wijaya Resort KiriElla

Children of Grade 1 arrived at this hotel around 9.30 am and spent the day till about 3.30 pm. Hotel staff had a special welcome for us. Children had lot of fun participating in fun-games,water-games at the baby pool,enjoyed a tasty lunch,had a good free dance session.

Trip to Museum

These visits took place on 9th Oct 2015 to Museum, Ape gama and Diyatha Uyana. There were two sections in the Museum one which had historical archeological objects including the Sri Wickramarajasinghe’s throne and the jewelleries, coins, the side of costumes etc. Agricultural utensils belonging to ancient eras. second section – Natural history museum had artifacts of animals and plants.

Diyatha Uyana which is a recently constructed attractive public park by the side of Diyawanna Oya- was also a site visited by our children.

Concept of Ape gama was clearly depicted by the models that is seen in a village.The theme is for the children in town areas to visualize what is happening in a village. This also had simulated those activities that are happening in a typical village.

Although it was tiresome for our children they were quite interested in going through the entire tour.

Trip to Attanagalla

Visited Aththanagalle Purana Rajamaha Viharaya was to get a picture of the historically important episode of King Siri Sangabo who donated his head. There were many paintings, statues and the only white Bo Tree in Sri Lanka. Further the children participated in religious activities.

Trip to Wijaya Resort

Spacious resort had natural water pool, flower garden,swimming pool, large play areas and huge dining areas. Special programme was arranged for children to play, develop skills, to share and show their talents. They actively participated in many activities. During lunch they about they were shown usage of cutleries , table manners etc. Children enjoyed the day.

Trip to Water World

This was a memorable experience to children. This is the first Water tunnel with aquatic animals for for people in south Asia. Children enjoyed going through it over and over again. They saw many unfamiliar sea creatures such as jelly- fish, electric eel, sea- horses, Sea cucumbers, star-fish, box- fish ,puffer- fish , sea anemonies and live corals. It was a thrilling experience for children. There was another section for colourful birds and birds from different countries. Children were able to see many features of birds and adaptations very closely specially the ones relevant to their environmental science lessons.

Trip to Beruwala

Children went to Beruwala Fishery Harbour saw different types of boats ,trawlers .It was a place with hive of activity. They went inside a trawler and experienced the interior. They observed different types of fish which were brought on to the shore for sale. Further they proceeded to cold rooms and saw how the fish is preserved below zero degrees . Also our children went to Beruwala beach and joined in towing the fishing nets with the fisherman.

Trip to PTI Facbric Factory

We visited PTI Fabrics Polhena. In this factory children saw stages as to how a thread turns into a cloth. They observed weaving, colouring, and starching. They saw the handloom weaving machines and powerloom weaving machines and the operations of the workforce.