Guidance International Junior School

Message of Principal

We are indeed very happy and fortunate to have a website for the Guidance International School and we expect the parents to use it very often. This site gives an overview of all the activities in the recent past and affords the viewer with the information about the present and future activities. This is an era where cyber technology is fast advancing, communication by electronic mail and the use of cyberspace is becoming the norm of the day.

People are becoming computer literate. Today access to a page of a text book is possible through internet, without physically seeing the book in a library or in a book shop.

The days have come where the school can make use of this for home work, tutorials, examinations and messaging etc.

The usage has to be improved for the school - home two way communication as much as possible by educating all concerned.. I consider this as a timely, positive step.

I.wish every user easy, access and all success.

Nimal Fernando,
Principal –Guidance International Junior School