Swimming Pool Opening Ceremony 2019

Guidance International School is really proud to announce the opening of beautiful outdoor pool on the 30th April 2019 in a charming way. The pool is 25 m in length with lighting system to be used at night. The shallow end of the pool is three feet and the deep end is seven feet in depth. We implement RFID system to monitor our members. It is well maintained by the staff and we ensure the hygienic conditions as it is cleaned, filtered and vacuumed daily. The PH level and the level of chlorine is checked regularly in order to maintain the pool in a healthier way. Our swimming pool along with the baby pool facility seconds-to-none It’s open all year round and it’s just a fantastic experience, whether you’re having a relaxing dip or a truly energizing workout. We believe sports and studies should go hand in hand to develop a holistic society.

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